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Helpful Links & Fun Stuff Too!


Mars for Kids

All about Mars. Games and Fun.

The Space Place

The kid-friendly website to make and do spacey things

Canadian Encyclopedia Online

Site available in English and French. This is the online version of the "authoritative encyclopedia about Canada and its people, updated and expanded," available in full text. Some sections requires Shockwave, RealPlayer, and QuickTime plug-ins.


The American Museum of Natural History(AMNH)'s Website for Kids that explores the world of "ologies" from Anthropology to Palentology and even includes a connection to Astronomy.

National Geographic for Kids

Animals - Games - Video - Curious Facts - Funniest Pet Contest - ...

Disney Online Games

Games featuring favorite Disney shows and characters.


Explore books, games, and other activities on the Scholastic website.

CBC Kids

Games and activities suitable for preschoolers based on CBC children’s programs.

PBS Kids

Games and activities from favorite children’s programs on PBS, such as Arthur, Sesame Street, Clifford, and more.


Explore science through various activities, games, jokes, and more.

Hinterlands Who's Who

In English and French, there's lots of information about Wildlife in Canada.

Dinosaurs for Kids

Dinosaurs, Monsters, Terrible Lizards! Lots of facts, games, and activities about dinosaurs.

Dino Directory

From The Natural History Museum in London, you can select a dinosaur by name, time period, classification, country and even body type.

Eco Kids

Information and activities about climate change, energy, recycling, and lots more...

Defenders of Wildlife

There's facts on over 50 endangered species. Try out the games, and environment protection activities.

Earth Rangers

Save animals, complete animals saving missions, earn rewards and badges, unlock Freebies, play games, watch videos...

BAM! Body and Mind

Answer kids' questions on health issues and recommends ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger, and safer.

Human Anatomy Online

Features lots of fun, interactive and educational information on the human body.

Discovery Education Science Fair Central

Your complete Science Fair Projects resource. From testable questions to investigations to presentations.

Science Fair Projects World

Hundreds of free science fair project ideas for elementary, middle, and high school.

IPL: Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Leads you through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science experiment.

Sport Science @ the Exploratorium.

Learn about the game and the science behind it.