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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitors

Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors are now available to borrow from public libraries across Nova Scotia; all you need is your library card!

Check our Same Page Library Catalogue for available kits:

What is a CO2 monitor?

CO2 monitors are small, battery-powered devices that measure indoor air quality and help provide a general idea of how well an indoor space is ventilated.

High readings may indicate that the ventilation around the monitor is not sufficient and that steps are needed to improve the air quality.

How do CO2 monitors work?

CO2 monitors measure the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air in a given space. They have a screen which displays the current CO2 percentage in “parts per million” or “ppm”. The screen also displays the relative humidity* and temperature of the space they are measuring. The CO2 reading in a given space will increase or decrease when:

  • Ventilation increases or decreases (when HVAC systems are turned off or on, windows & doors are opened or closed, etc.)
  • The number of people in the space increases or decreases
  • CO2 emitting appliances like fireplaces are turned on or off

These CO2 monitors are intended for home and personal use and are not intended to replace professional air quality monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I borrow a CO2 monitor?

CO2 monitors are available to borrow from any of our branch libraries, and you can place a hold online from the Same Page Catalogue.

How long can I borrow a CO2 Monitor?

CO2 Monitors can be checked out for one-week loan periods.

In order to better meet the needs of as many users as possible, this one-week loan period will not be renewed or extended. Borrowers will need to return the monitors to their nearest library branch or book drop.

There is no limit on how many times a borrower can check out a CO2 monitor.

What is included in the CO2 Monitoring Kit?

Each kit includes:

  • CO2 monitor
  • Disclaimer of Liability
  • ‘Monitoring for Indoor Air Quality’ info sheet
  • Quick Start Guide (English and French versions)

Who can borrow a CO2 monitor?

To borrow a CO2 monitors, you must have a valid Same Page Library card.

Please Note: Monitors cannot be borrowed using Children's (13 years old & under) Library cards.