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Family Violence & Abuse

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Local Information, Organizations and Featured Links

Antigonish Women's Resource Centre
Kirk Place Building, Room 204
219 Main Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2C1
Ph: 902 863-6221
Fax: 902 867-1144
Email: antig.women@ns.sympatico.ca
Focuses on issues and interests identified by women of all ages in the community. Sponsors educational programs, therapy groups on sexual abuse and self-esteem.
Hours 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program
Kirk Place Building, Suite 203
219 Main Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2C1
Ph: 902 863-2562
Fax: 902 863-0140
Email: sane.awrc@ns.aliantzinc.ca
Available to men and women ages 13 and older. Services are provided to victims of sexual assault.

Welkaqnik Next Step Shelter
PO Box 1738
Truro, NS, B2N 5Z5
Ph: 902 895-1738
Fax: 902 893-7680
1 800 565-4372
Direct: 902-Fax: 902-893-7680
email: ncnscounselling@eastlink.ca
Website: http://ncns.ca/programs-services/welkaqnik-next-step-shelter/
A next step shelter that offers safe affordable housing for a period of up to one year, for any Mi'kmaq or Aboriginal individuals and families that are victims of family violence.

Naomi Society
Antigonish Mall & Business Centre, Unit 2
133 Church Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2E3
Ph: 902 863-3807
Weekend Crisis Number: 902 867-4229
Fax: 902 863-6008
Email: naomisociety@ns.aliantzinc.ca
Offers support and resources for women, children and adolescents living with family violence.
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Monday - Friday.

Shifting Gears - Men & Abuse
188 Main Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2B9
Ph: 902 863-2358
Support group for men involved in family abuse.
Meets regularly in April and October for 10 week programs.

Tearmann House - Antigonish
24 hour Crisis Line and Shelter
1 888 831-0330

Seniors Safety Program
RCMP Senior Services Coordinator
4 Fairview St, Antigonish
Ph: 902 863-6500
Provides information about elder abuse prevention in addition to other safety information.

Family Services of Antigonish
188 Main Street
Antigonish, NS, B2G 2B9
Ph: 902 863-2358
Fax: 902 863-0457
Individual, couple and family counseling & therapy, spousal abuse group and family life education.
Hours: 8:30 - 4:30 Monday to Friday

Family Services of Pictou County
Second Floor, Bridgeview Square
115 MacLean Street,
New Glasgow, NS B2H 4M5
Ph: 902 752-7562

Help Line of Pictou County
75 Lavina Street, Suite 119
New Glasgow, NS B2H 1N5
Ph: 902 752-5952
Website: www.nsnet.org/helpline/
Help Line is the best place to call if you need to know where to turn for help. It is a confidential telephone service providing care, support and encouragement since 1983. It provides crisis and suicide intervention, as well as information and referrals. It is open noon to midnight daily.

New Leaf - A support group for men - Pictou County
Pictou Co. Opportunity for Men,
Box 661, New Glasgow, NS B3H 5E7
Ph: 902 396-2440
Fax: 396-2441
New Leaf is a support group that helps men to understand what lead them to be abusive towards their partner. It can help men find new ways to cope. It offers an on-going program of films and information through group discussions and individual sessions.

Health Connections Resource Centre
HEALTH CONNECTIONS in the People's Place Library. 283 Main Street, Antigonish, NS B2G 2C3
Ph: 902 863-7369
Fax: 902 863-9318
Email: smithlj@gasha.nshealth.ca
Provides free health information and support.

Pictou County Women's Centre
Just along the river, just off the George St. Bridge
Box 964, 35 Riverside Street, New Glasgow, NS B2H 5K7
Ph: 902 755-4647
It is run as a drop in facility, if you require further services you will need to speak to a worker.
Open Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-4:30p.m

Tearmann House - Pictou County
Office address: PO Box 153 New Glasgow, NS B2H 5E3
Ph: 902 752-0132
Toll Free 1-888-831-0330
Outreach: 902 752-2591
Children's Outreach: 902 928-0199
Offers shelter to women in physically, emotionally, and/or sexually abusive relationships; food, shelter, and basic personal needs for women and their children; a child care program which recognizes the children are in a crisis too and provides services to meet their needs; skilled and supportive staff to provide information, referrals, counseling, and support groups.
Shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Victims' Services (serving Pictou, Guysborough, Antigonish, Colchester, and Cumberland counties)
MacLean Street, 2nd Floor
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H 4M5
Ph: 902 755-7110
Website: http://www.vaonline.org
Victim's Services are specifically designed to assist Victim's in various ways through the Justice system. They will assist you in understanding the Justice system and how to get information about your court case. They will help you complete a Victim Impact Statement and applying for Criminal Injuries Compensation. They also offer court orientation sessions for anyone who is required to give evidence in court.

Kids Help Phone
1-800 668-6868 or 1 800 420-TEEN
Website: http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/en/
A free telephone service for children who are experiencing abuse or emotional distress. Provides counseling and referrals to agencies in the area from which the child is calling.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Public Legal Education Society (Lawyer Referral & Legal Info Line) 1-800-665-9779