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Technical Services
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Technology Services

PARL offers a wide range of free technology services to residents and visitors. Each of our branch libraries has both Express and Public Access computers. Express offer quick information searching and email while Public Access provide a wide range of software and one hour bookings. Some of our branches also offer Kid’s computers for family oriented use. We also have several of our Express computers in Rural Access Sites. These allow users to quickly access the Library’s online resources.

Our basic technology services include:

  • Pentium IV and above computing
  • High speed Internet access
  • Laser and colour printing
  • Scanning
  • Wide range of popular software programs
  • Digital cameras (in most locations)
  • GPS
  • Friendly assistance

Training! We also offer free one-on-one training and assistance at branch libraries and in several community sites.

PARL welcomes the public to become involved in our technology services. We have local advisory committees in our sites, working with the Community Access Program. It’s a great chance to shape your community’s future!

We also help our Community Access Sites that are not in libraries with technology advice, support, and organizational assistance. Its just another way your free public library reaches out to you!