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From the Ground Up

A vision for your new Public Library

To make this new library a great place we need a vision for this design. To create this vision we need your help. We asked our Story time Children what they would like to see in their new Library.

Here are their ideas (November 4, 2015)...
  • A Rainbow
  • Rainbow walls
  • Dogs on the wall
  • Princesses
  • New Books
  • A Horse
  • Lots of lights
  • Bare floors, no more carpets
  • Walls they can write on, black not white
  • A theatre for puppet shows they can play in
  • A huge fish tank with lots and lots of fish
  • An elephant
  • Ducks
  • A Juice Bar
  • A road leading to the library
  • Train and tracks to play with
  • Lots of paintings on the walls
  • New colorful mats to sit on for storytime
  • A ship to play in with pirate hats included
  • A play room with toys and games and more princesses
  • Lots of windows
  • More bathrooms, 100 should be enough

Your ideas are needed. If you are unable to join us at the consultation sessions please feel free to contact:

  • Eric Stackhouse (Chief Librarian) Email: info@parl.ns.ca Phone: 1 (866) 779-7761 OR
  • Contact the Pictou Library at 40 Water Street, Pictou. Email: pictou@parl.ns.ca Phone: (902) 485-5021


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