A Day-in-the-Life Snapshot of the Industry: A Photo Album of the Lobster Fishing Process

At the Wharf

Tying up at the wharf
Tying up at the wharf.  The buyer is waiting by his truck for the boat to tie up.  

Unloading the catch
The buyer steps on to the boat to help unload the catch.

Transferring trays from boat to the buyer
The lobster catch is being transferred from the trays on the boat to the buyer’s trays to be weighed.

Removing tray of crabs from the boat
Crab will also be sold today. The captain and the buyer carry a tray full of them off the boat.

Buyer weighs a tray full of lobster
The buyer weighs a tray full of lobster on a scale.

Bait sits on the washboard
A busy time at the wharf: Bait, brought by the buyer to be stored in bins on the boat, sits on the washboard. Ice is brought to keep the bait from spoiling overnight.  More crab waits to be transferred to the truck.

Loading the catch onto the truck
The catch is being loaded on to the truck to be brought to the plant.

Deckhand rinses out the trays
The deck-hand rinses out the trays and finishes cleaning up.

Dawn Langille deckhand and Captain's daughter
Dawn Langille, the deck-hand and the captain’s daughter, smiles at the end of a long day.  The boat is named in her honor. Most fishing boats are named after wives, daughters or other female relatives.

Truck full of lobster and crab
The truck full of lobster and crab is ready to go to the plant.  The day is over for the fishermen but not for the lobsters.  They still have some traveling to do………..

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